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Thursday, December 22, 2011

What did we do before Pinterest?

This little project is on my School Stuff board.  I did it with the students in my class this year and they turned out so cute, I had to do it with my own kiddos for our tree.  That is gonna have to be one we do every year to see the growth in their little hands.

Lily was upset that I painted her Santa hand so she needed another craft to do.  That is how we ended up making these T-shirt sleeve headbands.  

Cute huh!

Lily sewed the flower on all by herself.  This idea is on my Make it board.

Then we made Spool Print Tees.  Also on my Make it board.

The example is just to print in a square pattern.  Lily decided she wanted a Christmas Tree pattern, then Sophie decided that was a good idea.

I did nothing but put the paint and the spools out.  They went to creating.

Then sweet Mrs. Lisa visited with some little goodies she saw on Pinterest.  Snowman oreos and Peppermint Playdoh.  Such a sweet friend!  So thoughtful!  The girls love their goodies!!!

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