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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Frisco, Texas part 2

One of our very favorite places we go every time we are in Frisco is Paciugo.  And this is the best Gelato, besides Chao Bella at Grand Central Station, that I have ever eaten.  I had FOUR count them 4 different flavors of GELATO!  Panicotta (Wedding Cake), Mediterranian Sea Salt, Toasted Coconut, and Peanut Butter!  I want to by stock in this place.  I would be so FAT if I lived near one of these!
The other outing we do annually is go to a minor league baseball game.  Frisco's farmteam is called the Roughriders.  The Stadium is beautiful and we always purchase lawn tickets so the girls can run, jump, roll on the hill while we watch the game!

Just had there hot dog and watching the game more than we predicted.

Another annual event was added last summer was the Public Recreations Waterpark.
Go to Frisco's website and look up their water park.  It has three BIG slides, 2 lazy rivers, one big pool and 2 water playgrounds with pumps and spouts and pouring buckets.  It is the most fun for young children and it cost $28 to get the whole family in.

We added one thing new to this trip!  We stay at the Embassy Suites every time, very nice.  There is a GIGANTIC IKEA right next door and we have never stepped foot in it and when I tell you that all of our mouths dropped open when we walked in, I am not telling you a story!  That place is AMAZING.  They have anything you could possibly need to set up house and even a classroom.  I am going back next time with a list.  Everything is dirt cheap too.  I keep thinking back to myself, "Why didn't you pick that up Laura, what's wrong with you!?"

Anyway, we had a fun time and the girls can't wait to go back!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Annual Adventures in Frisco, Texas Part One

The girls favorite thing to do in Frisco is Ice Skating.

At first we are clinging to the wall.

Watching the zamboni at work.

Gaining confidence and goofin around

Letting go and going for daddy!

Doing a little trick.

Look at Sophie go!

To be continued......  Lily learned to go go go too.  Couldn't get pics to download.  Will try again tomorrow.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sophie's First Day of PreK

We knew Mrs. Casey could always use a new book.  So we went to School Aids and bought a new notepad and book all about PINK!  Then we put a note on it that said "I'm tickled pick that I'm in your class! Love, Sophie!"  Then of course, we used Mrs. Casey's Cricut to cut our vinyl name and stick on our resting mat.

The Paparazzi arrived just in time to take pics before we left.

She ran into Mrs. Casey's arms to greet her with a great big hug!  Let me just tell you how blessed I feel that both of my girls have been able to be in this precious lady's care.  She is one of the most kind, nurturing, organized, dedicated Christian teachers that I know.  I am lucky to call her my friend too!

She ran down to her room.
That sweet rule breaker!

Her first breakfast at Preschool.  Let me just tell you that I held it in real well until she walked by me with that big smile carrying that tray with no problem and as confident as ever.  BOOHOO!  Why do they have to grow up?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dance, Ribbon Belts and Pizza

Yesterday was Sophie's first day of her 2nd year of Dance with Mrs. Marie.  When she walked in all of her little friends ran over to give her a hug and welcome her in.  So sweet!  One of Sophie's greatest loves is dance.  So glad God provides both of us with jobs that can pay for our sweet girls' talents.  He get all of the GLORY!
In one of my earlier post, I made the comment that we were doing all these projects.  Well Lily's ribbon belt for school was one of them.  How fun is that leopard print.  All I did to make that was measure the band on her shorts.  make the belt long enough to overlap and fasten fabric velcro to each side.  The top piece got a bow sewn on for the finishing touch and now we don't have to worry about buckles.

The other night we were watching Next Food Network Star and one of the contestant was making an indian pizza.  Well this one is not indian but is made with Tandoori Naan Bread and is it DELICIOUS!  I threw it directly on my oven rack and toasted it on both side first.  The night before I roasted some chicken breast in italian dressing.  So when the bread was toasted, I spread just a little BBQ sauce on for the first layer, then the shredded chicken, and sprinkle a lot of Mozzerella.  I will have to say this was not the most healthy meal, but EVERYONE ate it and loved it and that is a true accomplishment in my house of picky eaters!  Good Day!  Good Day!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mint, Sleep, and Angels

Yesterday my girls asked me if they could go pick some of those leaves that smell good and use them in something.  They were speaking of mint.  We have a neighbor that grows herbs and her mint grows through our fence.  Well we have taken full advantage of this wonderful smelling herb.  It has tummy settling agents and is known as a cancer fighting food.  So they made their own Mint water last night and drank every last bit of it.  I prefer it in my tea!

They were hard to get up this morning.  But look at how sweet they are.
We gotta start going to bed earlier.

And this is our ANGEL.  Mrs. Jennifer is a teacher friend of mine, taking a leave of absence this school year.  She has been the BEST for the last several days.  I had to start back to school before Sophie could come to school with me and Mrs. Jenn has welcomed Sophie with open arms and a smile on her face every morning.  To not have to pull Sophie out of the car kicking and screaming has made my days of leaving her so much easier.  If only Mrs. Jennifer knew how much she means to us.  Sophie has had the best time playing with her sweet friend Rebecca.  She will miss her very much when she has to go to school.  Thank you Mrs. Jennifer!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creative Juices 2

So thrilled to have had another fabulous time with these sweet girls.  Look at these artists!  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to teach these kiddos.

The process!  Love the encouragement that came out of this class!  The girls were all so encouraging!  They had their own ideas about how they wanted their paintings to look and they all turned out perfect in every way!

And there is my mother, helping clean up again!  Thanks mom and Angel for the clean up!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Felt Clippies and Marshmallow Sticks

So I have had about 7 projects going on in my house today.  That is not including the grocery shopping, cleaning, or feeding my family.  However, I didn't manage to complete 2 or 3.  Sophie came to me a couple of days ago, telling me that she would be dressing as a princess to go to preschool.  She said she had to wear a crown so we had to come up with an alternate to the real thing and this is the finished product.
I made a paper crown first to trace onto the felt.  Folded the felt so it would be double layered, cut it out.  Stitched the edges with black thread,  added beads and her name.  Then I hot glued a strip of felt to the alligator clip and hot glued the clip to the crown.  She is so excited she will get to wear her crown after all.

This weekend we are appreciating teachers at our church, so I thought we might make some goodies for them.  A couple of weekends ago, Mrs. Jessica, from, brought some Mashmallow pops for a snack at our Art Class.  The kids and adults loved them.  Then I saw another blog, the name escapes me at the moment, that gave the idea of doing S'More flavored pops.  Went to Walmart and what do they have, the Caramel Vanilla Mallows.  YUM!  So I scooped them up and Sophie and I got busy.
Such an easy project for sweet Sophie to take part in too.
I will be posting more projects soon, but for now we will delight in the S'More Pops!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Remembering Sophie's Alice Party

Doesn't she just look like Alice!  Sophie has a June Birthday and it was probably her hottest birthday celebration, but she had fun non the less.  We had teapots set with all of her favorite drinks and flamingo straws from the Dollar Tree to represent the flamingo croquet game in the movie.
We painted white silk roses red to put in our favor baskets.  Her invitations were from  Super easy to do.  We hung paper lanterns all over our trees to make it bright.

Our servers were older girls dressed as cards.  We had giant playing cards put up everywhere.

We had a big white wicker chair for the birthday girl to sit in.  

The Big Cake was done by Cindy Scroggs.  AWESOME!  Nene baked the individual tea-cupcakes.  I decorated them.  We made those for the unbirthday girls.  They got to blow out a candle on their cakes.

Even though it was a hot day, it was the most fun throwing this little party for my big 4 year old "Alice".