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Monday, January 31, 2011

While I was in Baton Rouge

I know this is goofy, but sometimes when Scott is with me shopping, I will take a picture of what I am trying on instead of leaving the trying room, to get his opinion.  Well he wasn't with me this time so I took a pic, just for kicks and sent it to him.  The smile on my face happens when I get to go to my favorite store.  It's anthropologie.  Keep in mind that I don't shop the sales.  Wouldn't pay full price even if I had all the money in the world.

After my sweet friends let me shop in my favorite store, we ate at Kona Grill.  Oh it was good.  Apps were the best.  I think I put what all we had in the previous post, so here are the pics.

Always fun to go out and be with grown ups!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cannolli for Breakfast!

My birthday isn't until tomorrow, but my in-laws met up with us to have pizza last night for my birthday.  My sweet hubby asked my bro-in-law (who works in Shreveport) to pick up some cannolli for me.  Oh, so good!  So yes I had one for breakfast.  They are at Pietro's on the Boardwalk!

This book is one that I picked up at the conference I went to this week.  I met the author and what an inspiration!  She has beat breast cancer twice and has the BEST attitude.  Her books come with a cd in the back because her books are set to music.  She teaches the sign language to go with the words.  So cool!  I have been signing to my students all week.  Her name is Debbie Clement and you can go to her website called to see all of her books.   

 Here is my "Tall Giraffe" walking the balance beam and creating tape art outside.  It could be an i or and h, depending on how you turn it she said.

Opinions anyone?  I have decorated these shoes to donate to the St. Jude auction this week.  Wonder if anyone will be interested in them.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Like Woah!

Ok, so if I can give anybody some good advice, it would be don't change the color you've been using and never dye your own hair before you have had your morning coffee.  So this is what I looked like when I got done with it.

A look of uncertainty.

I have been away on a conference trip with my teacher sisters since Monday afternoon.  All I asked was that they let me shop at my favorite store and they could do whatever else they wanted.  And they did.  I love those girlies.  The picture above is of Tina and me pointing at the directory that would tell us where my beloved store is in the shopping center.  Casey took the pic.  She was so excited for me to get to shop at my fave place that her hands just could stay steady.  HAHA!  Really, I had the camera on the wrong setting so the flash kept not working.  

Here we are at KONA GRILL.  Boy did we order some GOOD Food!!!!  Our apps were the best: avocado eggrolls (craving them as I type), sweet and spicy shrimp, and potstickers. I ordered sushi to get my fix.  Then we had Yummo desserts too!  Def. want to go back there.

Here we are telling snow stories with Diana Des La Casas in one of our workshops.  Fun and Cute!

Now this Lady here, taught me a valuable lesson.  I took one look at her on the first day and thought, "What a Nut!  She will probably annoy the heck out of me."  Don't judge a book by it's cover girls!
This Lady told some of the most inspirational stories, I cried when she told the Lion story.  She was sooooo inspirational.  Breast Cancer survivor, quilter, and author.  So delighted to meet her and see what she was really all about.  I came away from this conference with a desire to learn sign language and quilt.  And I really would love to become an author.  That one is just a dream though.

Debbie Clement is her name.  Friend her on FB, she would love that.

And here is what I wore Wednesday.  I have nothing that I want to get rid of in this pic.  I am not doing so good at weeding.  This is my last day of the conference outfit.  I am wearing my new sweater I bought at my favorite store.  Tees from target and down east basics.  Pants are target and boots are Belk.
Glad to BE HOME!!!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Regis Don't Go!

So I was watching my DVR'd Regis and Kelly's for the Week and got some very sad news that the world had already heard.  Regis is leaving LIVE.  I am so sad.  When Scott and I went to NYC for our second time this summer, we woke up early to get in the stand by line to see Regis and Kelly.  While waiting in the line, we hear Kelly won't be there.  So I was a little disappointed, but now I am so glad it wasn't Regis that would be absent.  I would have missed out on seeing this Legendary NEW YORK icon.  Here he is standing in his dapper powder blue suit on the street corner, waiting for his people to walk him across the street to the studio.  So cool!

After waiting a LONG time, I won't say how long ( it's a little embarrassing), we finally made it in.  You always hear how small these studios are but man are they small.  Still very cool to see the whole picture.  Love all of the lighting it takes.  One of my favorites was the Camera Man that is squatting at the camera in the bottom picture.  He teased me the whole time.  I think he knew just how much of a hill billy I am and got a big kick out of it.  

We found out while waiting in security, that Lucy Lui would be the Cohost for the day.  Gorgeous and flawless in person.  Loved her Cobalt Dress!

Then the first guest appeared, Salma Hayek.  Awesome dress!

Between takes Reg would walk around and talk to people.

A Cue Card I wanted to steal for a souvenir. 

                            We found out that we would be privileged to watch a taping of a pre-recorded show because the next SURPRISE guest couldn't be there the next day so they had to go ahead and film that segment.  Joy got to come in and co-host that segment.  So that was neat because now I know she probably won't be back there either.  She was very pretty in person too.  AND then the announcement.....they kept it such a secret....and I thought surely not......the camera guy looked at me and I said, "It's Tom isn't it?..... he said, "I can't tell.", with a big grin on his face.  Go ahead scroll down......
 And I LOST it, can you tell?  I couldn't even focus my AUTOfocus camera.  I have to be honest.  I don't even really like the guy, but it's one of the BIGGEST movie stars of my lifetime, so of course, I was excited to say the least.   WOW!  And I also have to say the he really isn't as small as everyone says he is, REALLY.  He's an average sized guy, just likes the tall girls.
Yep, that is his BOOT in the upper left hand corner of the bottom picture.  I was cheering and trying to look and take a picture.  I could NEVER be paparazzi.

He was VERY friendly and I think sincerely kind.  He posed for pictures with a few people in the audience.  

It was a FUN morning.  I was so glad we got in and even more excited about who we saw.  It WILL not be the same without Regis.  It is really going to depend on who they get to replace him as to whether I continue to DVR.  I do love Kelly though.

This post was to honor Reg and to keep my memory fresh by printing it in my blog book.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I Wore on this Wishy Washy Wednesday

So the item in question today is the that wrinkledy skirt I am wearing.  Thought it was neat and different when I bought it.  It's comfy, but wondering if it's really to long for my body.  Also, wondering if it is a little frumpy.  Yes, I am wearing the scarf and boots AGAIN.  What can I say, I like what I like.  T-shirt from Walmart.  My cameo, I got from my sweet hubby for Christmas.  He ordered it from:  
So the SKIRT? Wear or Weed out?

Speaking of Apples: If you look at that loving face below, you will see that the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Yes, I think I favor my daddy.  He is almost 60 and is still crawling around on the floor with two monkeys holding him hostage.  He can bench press both of them with ease.  Our Strong and Gentle Giant: Daddy T.  We sure do love him.

Monday, January 17, 2011

NYC Flashback!

Well, if you just look at my face, you can tell I am just completely overwhelmed!  At this point in the night of my 30th Birthday gathering, Scott has given me  a box with a traveler's guide to NEW YORK CITY!  The place that I have dreamed of going since I was old enough to know what it was.  After emailing my Aunt Lisa her 40th birthday pics the other night, she asked if she ever sent my 30th birthday pics.  So here they are.  What a fun way to remember the night my DREAMS came true!

When I finally composed myself, I looked up at Scott and started crying again!  I was in such disbelief!

This was my sweet card from my girls.  They both worked so hard on it.

I don't know why the pics are out of order, but this says it all I think.

Sneaking a Kiss!

My Birthday Cake That year was a New York Style Cheesecake.  Imagine that!  I think that was my mom's idea.
So we went for the first time to NYC in April of 2008.  Little did I know we would get to go back for our 10 year anniversary trip 2 years later.  Boy have we made some memories in the BIG APPLE!  Now we can't wait to take our girls.  I am afraid they've got the fever for Broadway!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Little Broadway on Eames

Sophie was watching the Little Mermaid the other day and about half way through, the usual happens.  When the girls start watching a movie, they stop watching and start acting the movie out together.  So Scott quickly went to itunes and bought the Little Mermaid on Broadway Soundtrack.  From there, they began to plan their performance.  Then they realized there was a problem:  they didn't have an Eric.  So guess who got pulled in?

Here is the Mermaid rescuing Eric from the shipwreck.

And here is the "Sister Dance"

A Final Pose from the Little Mermaid.  I'm just soaking all of this in.  Gonna really miss our family play nights when they grow out of it.  Why do they have to grow up sooooo fast? 

Friday, January 14, 2011

SaSa's 40th Surprise Birthday Party

Sophie made a special card for Aunt Lisa.  She even had me write the message on another piece of paper  so she could copy what I wrote.

My aunt Lisa has been an important part of my life.  She was 7 when I was born so she was practically my sister and treated me as such.  I will never forget her denying me "bowl-licking privileges" when she would whip up a batch of her from scratch brownies and pinching me just to hear me say "OUCH".  But the girl was there for me through thick and thin while I was in high school and college.  She listened to me and still does even though I know she's gotta be tired of listening.

So here's to you my sweet aunt who deserves for ALL of her wishes to come true!!!!!