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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Popcorn, Gesus, Birthday and More

Fizzee's eating the popcorn!

Sophie made this at Sunday School!  Love it!!!

Scott had his birthday at Nanny's this Sunday!

Yay cookie cake!

Tina was my Secret Santa at school, I got her a red scarf because her favorite color is red and it was made by an African woman paying to send her son to school.  I also bought her a FREEDOM cuff bracelet that supports Indian artisons.

Climbing the tree, I see!

Like father, like daughter.  Lily has 8 books in her book bag that she is trying to read.  An over achiever and a hoarder.  

Reading our Christmas cards

Up Side Down

Lily cashed in her facial certificate from Aunt Carla yesterday!  Very relaxing!!!!

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