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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More Birthdays!

Nanny's Bday is in November also!

We got her a 31 purse with 2 changeable skirts.

She also got a bag full of her favorite coffee and a mug to go with it.

One of my favorite instagrams!!!  These two beauties delivering toys to the church for less fortunate children!  Love operation shoebox!

Then it's off to a little day trip to Dallas!

The American Girl Shop

We were going to get the dolls hair done while we shopped but there was a 3 hour wait!  So we bought the hair kits and did our own before dinner.

There was a special planter activity that went with the Molly doll that they did.  Everytime Embeth talked to a new person, she had a story for them.  This picture is showing her telling one of the employees about the Molly doll and her story.  

There was a little sitting area upstairs where we sat and did there hair.  Sophie is in love with the spray water bottle.

Then Mrs. Jennifer came up and gave some guidance on the art of doll hair brushing.

Who knew!

So Sophie once again, says let me try!
Pics of the bistro are next.

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