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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The First Gifts of the Season

When the girls went with mom and dad to Oakdale, the other cousins were opening gifts too.  So Nene packed a gift the girls could open.

They each got matching clothes for them and their dolls.

Aunt Carolyn knitted them hats!  How cute!

Lily held a baby alligator at the festival.

I found this jalepeno popper recipe on Pinterest and they disappeared in minutes!  Yay!  I finally made something everyone likes! 

Love for Aunt Lisa's doggies



Where's David?  He blends with the couch.

My mom's holiday bling!

So pretty!

The cousins do a book exchange every year.

Sophie got a Disney collection.

Lily got a Magic Treehouse book that she finished in two days!!!
I would say that Aunt Sharon's shopping adventure was a success!

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