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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fridays are a Hoot at PreK!

Sophie got to be the First Student of the Week at PreK!  
She had several Lunch Visitors including NeNe, Daddy T, Poppy, and DerDer.

On Friday, we invite a family member to visit the classroom to share a special activity.  So her daddy and I brought a feltboard fingerplay that I made to go along with the book Scott read to the class, THE Sleepy Owl.  Then the children went on a Scavenger Hunt like Owls and found 3 prizes to take home with them.  After Nap time Sophie shared Owl Cookies and purple juice.

 We saved the BEST for last as our Friday lunch visitor!
Everyone got a copy of the fingerplay that I wrote, a flashlight, and a little purple notebook.  Purple was the color of the week.

We had a HOOT in Sophie's classroom on her special day!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

School Days, School Days

Lily has a desk.  Not sure why she chooses to use her lap.  There's lots more homework in second grade that is for sure.
Sophie is Student of the Week at School this week so she is completing her homework as well.  Didn't know she wanted to be a Super Hero when she grows up!  Now we've just got to get our pics. printed up.
I wrote a little finger play to attach to the favors Sophie's class would get.  This set of felt owls is for Mrs. Casey's felt board we made her.  More pics to come.