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Monday, December 19, 2011

To See Mamaw Belle, then Nachitoches Lights, and The First Christmas Play!

Lily fell asleep in the car about 10 minutes out!

Nene and Daddy T brought the girls to see Mamaw Belle, while Scott and I did some last minute Christmas Shopping!

Lily was so happy to get Canes!

Enjoying the light downtown!

There was a snow machine, that they thought was so cool!

Then Lily was in a Sunday School Play the next morning.

Mrs. Yvonne is one of Lily's teachers.

Lily and Embeth took turns narrating the play!

Mrs. Nelwyn is another one of her teachers.

Friends forever!

The 1st-6th grade sang in the morning service.  Beautiful Song!  Love to watch my girlies sing in church!

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