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Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday

My mom and her sisters decided that if they posed like this, they wouldn't have double chins.  They are all messes.  Was so glad to see Aunt Sandy.  This was the first gathering that she has been to in a long time.

Some of the cuz's.

Derder needed a nap.  Was so glad he brought his new girl to the house.  Seems really really nice.

Lily loves some Derder.

Sophie loves some Daddy T.  Right here she just asked him why he had a wavy chin.

The Foshee boys hitting each other as usual.

Here is the banner we made.

We hung it so everyone could see when they walked in at mom's house.

Heather and Lyndee with me trying to take a pic of the three of us.  Pretty pic though!!!

Instagram on Thanksgiving

So Aunt Lisa met us for lunch on Black Friday and LOOK what she wore just for me!  I love that girl!!!

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