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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Photo Tour

I don't remember what blog gave me this idea, but it was during the summer when I was reading a list of fun things to do with your children.  I never got around to doing it during the summer so I thought we might give it a try as something fun we could do during our Thanksgiving Break.  
We were planning a 2 hour trip to see our new twin baby cousins, so I loaded our cameras with new batteries and explained about the photo tour.  If they saw anything on the way down, we could stop and take pics.  This idea was so good in theory.  However, when we loaded up, they really didn't want to get out of the car.  They just wanted to see the babies.  I did coax them out of the car to shop at a little drug store I had heard about and then Lily picked one spot, that of course, included a horse.  So here are a few pics Lily and I took.  
Trying to get the best angle!
Twins baby girls seemed to be way more interesting.
Lily determined that it would be WAY easier just to take pictures while the car was still moving.
This one that LILY took, I am enlarging and framing.  I just thought that one was beautiful.
Will add Sophie's when she'll let me download them.  

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Peace, Love, and Art Party!

Decked out for her party!

Lily's request #1 was to splatter paint, so we made a sign to run through at the end of the party!

Messy Hands

Decorating Canvas Shoes with Sharpees!

Peace Sign Sugar Cookies and Cheesecake were the birthday girl's dessert of choice.

Fun Night!

Monday, November 1, 2010


 Papaw is 84!  His birthday is actually November 5th, but since we get together as a family every year at Halloween, we celebrate it then.  So here are all of his greats saying cheese with him.
I found this little idea on  This is going to be our new tradition for the year.  It's a thankful tree.  I put ours out yesterday and told the girls we would start on the 1st, today.  They were so excited about it, though, that we started it yesterday instead.  so everyday we will write something we are thankful for on a paper leaf and tie it to the tree.  I will post pics of ours when we get more on it.

Another tradition we have, is carving pumpkins.  So we did ours yesterday.  Some may say that is a little late, but they had fun non-the-less.

Can you tell daddy helped little one a bit.