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Monday, February 28, 2011

Let the Good Times Roll!

Daisy gets a bath for the Pet Parade!

Lily is starting a new school this week!  She has a project due before she even starts.  So here we are working on her float.  She loves puppies so much that her float is all about puppies!  

Speaking of floats:  here is Daisy's that she will ride in for the parade!

We made our own tshirts this year for the parade!

Daddy T escorting the Kinine Kutie to the parade!

Look at Daisy's smile, she is so happy to see the other participants!  LOL!  Nene loves her some grandbabies!  More Pet Parade photos to come!  

But here is Lily's finished product.  She picked out the puppies and colors of the float!  She designed where everything was to be placed with that sacred hot glue gun!  Then she remembered we had some scooby snacks in the cabinet.  So she spelled her name on the sides of float!  Turned out really cute!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Expressions of Creativity

What I wore on President's Day.  My new favorite dress!

Lily expresses her creativity in Sophie's hairstyle.

After I did my painting in Jackson, I wanted to come back and teach Lily and Sophie how.  Sophie's is on the Left and Lily's is on the right.  I am going to hang them together but I am trying to think of a saying or find a scripture to put up with them.  Any suggestions?

My extended family has begun a new tradition of having a Valentine's Talent Show.  Here is Sophie before she decided not to sing.  Lily played her piano.  They love the talent show.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Last Valentine Entry

Our church has a women's group that gets together once a month.  For January, they had a recipe swap.  My hubby loves Buttermilk Pie and we just so happened to get a recipe for that.  So Lily and I decided to make 2 pies for Valentine's Day.  One for her daddy and one for my daddy and brother.

Why an 8 year old loves to crack an egg I will never know.

Her prize for Valentine's was a cute little apron I found at Charming Charlie!  How fitting!  Did I plan that?  Maybe.

So here is our finished product and out little recipe card that we got.

Nene and Daddy T bought tie blankets for the girls to make for their Valentine's prizes.  Turns out, that little activity was more rewarding for me than for them.  My Lily just talks and shares when she is creating.  I got to get busy on a long list of things we can create in the teenage years.

So here is the finished product on that little project.  They love their new blankies!  These are at Walmart in the craft section.  All you do is cut and tie!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Elvis on Valentine's Day!

I was sitting at my station at school and all of a sudden, Tori comes rushing out with camera in her hand. What in the world!  Here comes my sweet Elvis impersonating father in law, singing to me!  Now this has NEVER happened before.  

I was a little embarrassed but felt very special!  He always brings me flowers but never has he sung to me on Valentine's. 

Sophie got in on it too!  Funny thing was, she acted like he was in his everyday clothes, she is so used to seeing Poppy dressed as Elvis!

What a sweet surprise to find a heart basket full of goodies on our doorstep from our sweet little Balkom girlfriends.

Working hard on that list.

Got a little edible bling on V-day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Our German Carnivale Continued

Lily stood in line to get a pink poodle for her sissy!  So Sweet!

Look at those blue skies!  Here we are enjoying the band and out sno-cones.

Daddy's fancy picture taking skills!

Here we are at the parade, waiting for it to start!

Throw me somethin mister!

The firedog gives a hug!

Sophie holds on to her prized cup with a new wand!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our German Heritage Mardi Gras Carnivale

Boy, were the girls excited about our little town's "second fair".  When I was little, we used to have the Germantown Fest.  They stopped doing that when I was in high school.  This year they decided to combine it with our Mardi Gras Parade.  What a good idea!  

Look at that face!  She came down a lot faster than she new she would.  

                                                                The Dragon Wagon!

Mommy got to ride the VERY tall Ferris Wheel!

Such a beautiful day, PERFECT weather to be outside with the family in your hometown!
More pics. to come!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Jackson Part 3

Here we are, below, with our finished fleurs.  We all did so good.  I am taking my girls today to get good canvas' and teach them how to do it.  Pics will def. be posted when we're done.

When we finished with our paintings we weren't quite sure what our next activity would be so we went back to Renaissance to finish shopping, gathering goodies for our babies for Valentines and Birthdays.  Then we started thinking about dinner.  Guess what?  It isn't easy to find a place to eat with less that 2 1/2 hour wait time to be seated on Valentine's Day Weekend!  After going into a couple of restaurants, we figured let's go into Fresh Market and see if there is anything we might want to get and take back to the room.  Nothing!  Then we got the bright idea to go back to one of those restaurants and see if we could order take out!  Well why didn't we think of that before?  

25 minutes and we were walking out with fresh food that we could enjoy in the comfort of our own hotel room.  YUM! 

Saying goodbye is always hard!  We had such a fabulous time with our SWEET friend Andrea and can't wait to do it again.  

Look at our eyes in this pic.  Don't we look tired?  Those late night reunion talks finally got to us.  The ride home from anywhere always goes so fast when your with your SISTERS!  You get in the car, start talking, and before you know it, you're home!  You see our beautiful new scarves Andrea gave us? And guess what, I have made 8 since I have been home and everybody just loves them!  Thank you again Andrea for such a neat, sweet gift!