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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Days of School!!!

Look at that big Kindergartener sitting at her table!

Mrs. Ratcliffe is fabulous!!!  We are so excited to be in her class!

This was registration day.  No uniforms were required.

Lily has Mrs. Mathis for her homeroom.

My big 3rd Grader!

Got to take a pic of our new shoes.  Had to have Sperry's this year, which I can squeeze my foot into.  Yay, you know what that means, sharing in the near future!


With shiney hot pink mary janes, how can the day go wrong!!!  Love me some Target shoes!!!

Will never have a picture like this again, where they begged to have matching backpacks!!!

My hubby is so good to take those pics that he knows I cherish.

Walking in, they are greeted by Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Wilkie.

Lily fixes Sophie's barettes before she goes to class.

At Mrs. Ratcliffe's door.

Love the instagram app.  So cool!!!
So glad to have my girlies at GLENBROOK!!!  They LOVE it!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I guess I was feeling artsy when I painted these for a college apt. for a friend.  She was so sweet to send a pic when they got the whole room decorated.  I was so proud!!!

Sophie got her first real haircut before kindergarten.

Here she is, with it fixed after her cut.

One morning I treated the girls to beignets for breakfast and I decided to make a peanut butter dipping sauce to add "nutritional" value.  :) 

Back to school night at Glenbrook let us meet our new friends. 

I painted Mrs. Jenn a new bulletin board for her new classroom.

This is Lily's creation at Orange Leaf.  She made a face with her toppings.

This cupcake stand is about to become something totally different.

We dressed Lily's notebooks up for school, but cricuting her initials and sticking them on.  
Lots of creating happening.  Not sure how, but there is.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Boots in the Summer, Dentist Visits, and American Girl

Sophie got these boots for Christmas and she has gotten her wear out of them, let me tell you!!!

Beautiful, right?  This is about 10 minutes after being released from wisdom teeth removal.  My mouth is full of gauze and I can feel my chin!  That was NOT a fun experience!!!

A more positive visit was when Sophie got her fillings!  I was so proud of her.  And her friend Jesse helped her through it too!

She got nice and comfy and kicked her flip flops off as soon as she got in the chair!

While I was recovering from surgery, Mrs. Deena and Embeth took Lily shopping at American Girl in Dallas!  They had a BLAST!!!

They came back in matching pjs that Mrs. Clara bought them!

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Final Beach Entry!

Scott got up EARLY one day and snapped a pic of this PROMISE from God.  So beautiful!!! 

Snuck in one of his parents too!  This is what they do every morning at the beach, sit on the porch, drink coffee, and just soak it all in.  Priceless.

On our way home, we visited a famous dive in Long Beach, Mississippi, called Darwell's.

Scott saw it on Diner's, Drive-in's, and Dives.  We shares some cheesey grits and I had the BEST etouffee' EVER!

Here is the chef posing with us in front of his claim to fame poster.

We brought clay with us to the beach but never found the time to do anything with it so when we got home, we made some letter tags for gifts and bookbags.

I bought us girls new charms for our Lulu bracelets while we were at the beach.  I got the lobster, Lily got the seahorse, and Sophie got the starfish.

On another day, we got to crafting some book marks that we saw on Pinterest.  Lily got to use a hot glue gun for the first time.  She thought she was so grown!!!

Lily kept the pink and black one for herself, Sophie got the princess one and we gave Embeth the orange one.  That is Lily's big reader friend.
So there you have it, we finally managed to do a couple of crafts before school started.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boogie Boarding and the Infamous Private Island

The view of our house from the beach!  That little spec is Lily racing back into the house to put on her swimsuit after family picture.  We couldn't get done fast enough.

Ireland helps Sophie with her lifejacket. 

Riding the waves

Poppy brought a box to the beach that said "Do not touch and Keep out" written all over it.  It was a big secret.  So we made a big game out of it and started guessing what it was.  I cheated and looked the item number up on my Iphone.  But I didn't spoil it for the kids. :)  Anyway, it ended up being a giant floating island and the kids had a blast on it.

The sun tried to peek through the clouds that day!