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Saturday, December 24, 2011

5 Toy Soldiers,4 Cuddlebugs, 3 Santa Cookies, and 2 girls with an iPad

Actually a 5 year old with a toy soldier.  Sophie watched "The REAL Barbie and the Nutcracker" night before last and has been obsessed with nutcrackers ever since.  She found this one at Hobby Lobby and begged for it.

While we were at Hobby Lobby we also found some embossing envelopes to go with the machine Aunt Lisa gave us.  So fun!!!

Sophie picked all the colors she wanted to use and went to town.

He turned out so cute!  Not a bad find at all, for $2.50.

Yesterday morning I got up and started rolling out the dough I made on Monday.

The girls were so excited to finally get to make Santa's cookies.

We don't always leave out the same kind every year, but this year Lily requested that we do this kind!

Thanks to Pinterest, I have some ideas of what I want to do with the ones I decorate.

I used Mrs. Mandi's recipe that is fail proof.  Thank goodness, cause I have not always been a successful cut cookie maker.

For the last batch I added choc. chips and m&m's minis. YUM!!!

Ready for some icing!

Scott came home from work and the girls were begging to open the presents they bought for each other.

He said, "How about we open a family gift."

And so the Spillers family iPad was introduced.

So VERY cool and so wanna sneak it to my classroom to use with my students!!!

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