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Friday, December 16, 2011

Scott's Birthday!

Fizzee is in my boot and bearing answers to Lily's questions.  She asked if Fizzee has any brothers or sisters.  Fizzee told her that she had a brother named Shiney and a cousin named Elfis.  

Both the girls got Scott Gummy suckers to top his presents.

They both picked out sweet cards.

Sophie picked out shortbread Christmas cookies, because she knows how much he loves those.

Lily's card of course had a puppy on it.  She had Daisy's paw print in the card too.

She was so excited about her gift, she wanted to give it to him early.

She went to the boxers section of Walmart to buy him puppy boxers, but stumbled across these Muppet Sleep Pants.  She was so excited!  I think he liked them.

Then we took our annual trip to Bass Pro to see Santa and off to Posados to eat birthday dinner with the other birthday boy, My daddy!  I was so tired, I took zero pictures of that.  Shame on me.

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