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Monday, September 27, 2010

Handprint Art

This weekend I did a mommy and me class for babies and toddlers.  So my sweeties got to participate by helping me make examples.  The "assignment" for the mommies was to come up with a word to maybe describe the day they first met their child.  We would do handprints or footprints on the pre-primed canvas and then add the cricuted letters and the birthdate on the canvas.  So this what we came up with.
On the day Lily was born, because her daddy is red-headed, everyone was curious to know what color her hair would be.  People were discussing it as if they had money on it.  But the sweetest answer came from one of my cousins.  Adam bet that it would be "golden".  And so it WAS.  She has proven to be a true treasure given from GOD to our family and so Golden perfectly describes her birthdate!
Sophie came into this world with such a regal attitude.  She looked at everyone as if to say "I am here and I know what I am here for.... to rule the roost."  She believes she is a true princess in every meaning of the word.  We know that she is God's Little princess and so we are gold and PINK through and through!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Revved up Rainboots

WalMart has the cutest rain boots right now.  We had a birthday to go too last night so we bought those super cute boots and revved them up with some vinyl!  This is why the Cricut is SO cool!  You can customize, personalize just about anything.  Rebecca was so excited when she saw her "r" on the boots we got her.  She has too other sisters, so now there will be no mistake about who's boots these are.

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Little Credit on Kate Landers Events!

So I entered a little party planning contest on Kate Landers Event Planning Blog a few months ago.  It was announced that a winner would be chosen for the best vintage themed child's party.  Should be authentic and unique.  So I asked my mom about her birthday parties as a child and what kinds of things she loved.  I was surprised to find out that she had no parties growing up.  Which makes me sad, since this is one of the most favorite things I do as a mom: CELEBRATE the days my girls were born!
Anyway, I planned out a Retro Meet the Liddle Kiddles Doll Party.  It was going to be sort of a runway show of vintage fashion.  
I visited the blog today to find that I didn't win, however, there were hundreds of entrants and I got a little shout out.  If you scroll way down to the more ideas part: you will see Laura with my idea.  No blog address or anything, just a shout out.  Kinda neat that my little idea at least go t a mention out of all the possibilities.  So I will take it.  It was fun dreaming it up anyway!
Mom's birthday was this past week and we did celebrate with ice cream cake, one of her favorites!
Happy Birthday MOM!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Campaigning for Uncle Der Der

Last night, we put on our Vote for Deric Tees and headed out to the First MHS football game of the season.  The girls helped pass out 250 fans for the hot fans of MHS!  They had so much fun helping their uncle!

Minden Athletic made our t-shirts for us.  They are the best custom t-shirt makers ever!  
And they are quick too!

I think we may have a TIDER at heart.  Sophie didn't want to just hand out fans, she wanted to watch the cheerleaders and Louisiannes perform too.  So NeNe, Daddy T, and DerDer took her to see the game!  She came home so wound up with SPIRIT (and a little bit of sugar from the Skittles)!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

4 Year Old Shots.....Nothing to it!

So this is my big 4 year old BEFORE I told her that this was her lucky shot day.  She is building in my class before she goes to her class.
And this is my BIG 4 year old AFTER she got her shots.  I told her after school that today was the day and she cried for 30 minutes.  Then when it was time to go I said "If you are good and you hold still and let the nurses give the shots without you screaming, I will take you to Walmart and get you whatever you want."  She says, "I want a new baby doll."  I say, "DONE!"
Do you know that sweet girl NEVER let out a WHIMPER.  I was the one that cried.  I was soooooo proud of her.  She is the strongest kid I know!!!!

Here with bandaids and all having the best time with her new friend!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Buttons, Bugs, Boards, Banana Pudding and a little Buttering Up!

I bought Sophie some little black and white skirted leggings from Target the other day so when I got home I was trying to find something she could wear with them.  She had this little pink tee so I bought these oversized buttons, stitched them on and Voila! and new top!  
Spreading like wildfire is the art class!
Today Lily participated in "Painting with the Teacher" at her school.  This activity was a reward for all students who had good behavior for 3 weeks straight.  They all had a blast and I got to help out since it was done after school!
Yet another project I am tackling.  Our church's nursery entry needed some sprucing up so my sweet aunt picked these bulletin boards up for me and now I am covering them.  When I am done, I will take some photographs of the children in our church and place them on the boards.  I will periodically switch these pics. out so the parents can take them home and new pics can be seen.  A few more things need to be done but I am excited to be part of this ministry.
Today was Sophie's Getting to Know You Bucket Day.  She brought her favorite books, movie, dolls, candy, and pictures.  She also brought one of her favorite snacks: Banana Pudding!  How convenient that it is Yellow, the color we are studying this week!  

And who said a little Buttering Up was ever wrong.  I made a sample mat and experimented with several kind of glue to see if there was anyway you could make these cute little mats without having to sew them.  But I think that sewing is the best way to do it.  Anyway, I did add a little extra touch by punching a scalloped edge with my Fiskars cutter.  I also put velcro on the edges of the ribbon to make it easier for our preschoolers to close them on their own.  We gave Mrs. Casey our first one and will give her another before we make more for Mommy's room and her other teacher friends!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lily's first trip to Canton!

Ready to Shop til we Drop!
Lily hung in with the BIG girls today!  I was so proud of her.  Course, the fact that she has been shopping since the age of 2 weeks, could've been and indicator that she might have been born to shop.  
What made me even prouder was that she didn't ask for every little thing she saw.  

I should've taken a pic of her seeing all of the dogs.  I think that was the highlight her day.
A little snack to refresh!

Bought her own watch for $12.  I knew I taught her how to bargain shop well!

My find: finally bought some oil cloth and chalk cloth, hoping to tackle that tutorial I have been looking at on
Will post if I am successful!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crowns and Tutus!

I think the ice skating gave Sophie ideas about dressing up.  She asked if she could wear a tutu and gloves the next time we went skating.  So when I asked if she wanted to go for a bike ride around the block, she said, "Wait one minute, let me get my crown and tutu!"

Look at the tongue, takes a little concentration to get up that hill!

Sweet sister helps get us out of the roads!
Hey, where is your bike?

My artsy shots of this busy little girl.

And there's the bike with my sweet helper!!!!