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Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Little Helper, A Nature Walk, and Christmas a Little Early

Lily and Sophie had a tea party the morning after we got back from the doll store.  They set it up while I was still sleeping.

When they finished, I asked Sophie to bring the real dishes they used to the sink so they could be washed.  Momma, can I please wash the dishes? Sophie says... so I let her.  She had the best time washing dishes.

A set of rollers came with the hair kits I bought.  Sophie and I rolled Kanahni's hair to get it back to looking kept.

Lily with her two new dolls!

Those rollers really worked.  I was very impressed.

This is Sophie with her new friend.  Can you see her?  She was very nice, but I can't even remember her name.  She only stayed for a couple of hours and left.  Haven't heard of her since.

We went on a little nature walk the day before Thanksgiving to gather some materials.  

We made a "Give Thanks" banner like I saw on a blog I follow.  Letters are formed with various leaves and sticks.  A pic of that will come soon.

Lily begged Scott to put up the tree the day before Thanksgiving!  We usually put it up on Black Friday when I get back from shopping, but Lily just didn't want to wait.

It's fun that the girl are big enough now that they can help build the tree.

It was Lily's turn to put the star up this year.  Getting harder and harder for daddy to lift her up.

An instagram of a heart leaf we found on our nature walk.

The Living Room all lit up.

Found the idea to make ribbon lights on pinterest.  I love this!!!

The tree in all it's glory!

One of my favorite ornaments in this pink starfish I bought in Gulf Shores.

Love getting my manger scene out.  It is always front and center on the mantel.  
Jesus is the reason for this Season!!!

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