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Monday, September 26, 2011

Jersey Thursday and Family Game Night!

Glenbrook had a Jersey Spirit Day last Thursday, because Friday was Parent Teacher Conference Day!  I was so excited to know that Scott and I would both be able to meet up after work to meet with the girls Teachers!  Awesome report cards were had by both!!!

We played Hungry Hungry Hippos for ever one Saturday Night.

Every time the we started the Hippo food would go flying because we were hitting them so hard.  Lily kept claiming her hippo was defective.  

Followed by 2 rounds of Guess Who.  They cracked themselves up when they put on each new face!  Too Funny!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Few More of the Concert!

The girls rushed down to the railing to get a closer look of Taylor coming down the aisle near us.  They were so excited!!

The way they had the lighting, it was impossible to get a good pic of her even if she was close.  She looks like a disney princess in this pic, almost animated even.  She played her ukelele while she was under the tree.  I think the girl can play any instrument she picks up!!

Stage set was amazing!  Loved all the GIANT golden picture frames they used.

This is the fireworks portion that Sophie slept through!

I know you cant really see this, but there were people attached inside the 3 bells that are suspended in the air.  They were tethering up and down like Circe de Soliel performers.  VERY cool!!!

And she sleeps!

Then Taylor Swift got into a portable balcony and flew around the center.  Wow!

Another animated shot.

This show was def. one of the best I have been to.  She is right up there with U2 and Casting Crowns!

Loved her wardrobe.  She changed a billion times.  Great Concert!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rainbows, Homecoming, and TAYLOR SWIFT!!!

This beautiful promise followed all the way home from Cotton Valley.  We went to Brad's granny's visitation and it finally rained a little.  Here is the beautiful rainbow that came afterward.

Friday night was Glenbrook's Homecoming.  Here is Lily with Caroline Tucker, one of her most favorite cheerleaders!  My how they grow so quickly.  Caroline was one of my first preschoolers.  Lily and Sophie are always reciting Caroline's Taco Bell cheer she made up!  Too Funny!!

Here they are, waiting to get in at the Taylor Swift concert.  Scott got us tickets for Mother's Day.  As we walk up at Century Tel, they were handing out lipstick.  Her Speak Now tour is being sponsored by Covergirl.  That was pretty cool.

This is Daniel Worsham.  He was the first act!  We had GREAT seats!!!

Getting her belly full with a hot dog before the show starts!

Come on Taylor!

My little sweetie has no idea how late she is gonna be out tonight!

Between acts we came out and took a pic in front of her sign.

The notorious heart sign!

Bought some t-shirts.

Then, Need to Breathe came on!  We had no idea they were performing.  I love this band.  Holli requested their cd for her bday!

Finally, it all begins!

Lily sang ever song and Sophie screamed so hard, I think she busted the eardrum of the girl in front of us.

Showing some love!  More pics to come.....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthdays, Birthdays!

My mom's birthday was Saturday!  I had to go to a workshop before we met up for her birthday lunch at Cheesecake Bistro.   We had to type a message at this workshop and this is what I typed. 

Since she cant have cake we took her to Orange Leaf for her Birthday treat!  Of course, she got the birthday cake flavor!

Look at that beautiful smile!  Inside and Out she is Beautiful!  She LOVES GOD and her FAMILY, more than ANYTHING!!!  She is a SELFLESS lady always givng!

When we were done eating we went to Betty Virginia Park to let the girls play.

Sophie was so funny on the Rocky Beaver.

Those faces are always priceless!

On to the Monkey Bars.  I am afraid my girls inherited my upper arm strength.

That is a tough feet.  Daddy comes to the rescue!

Blue Skies and sunshine smiling at me!

Yesterday was our nephew Eastland's birthday.  He was pretty happy when he opened a box full of 100 dollar bills from Nana!  He liked his Legos from us too!  Sweet boy!  We love him!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What I Wore to the Derby, A Steal of a Deal, Cookies, Sillies, Mini Chocolate Pies, and I Need a Haircut!

Well, if I could wear a hat all the time, I would.  This is my brother in law's hat, which I have not returned yet, and I need to. HEHE!  I got the LBD at Ross, the ruffle belt at Forever 21, and the boots from Belk (my mom picked up for me last Christmas).  I think the entire outfit cost me 60 smackeroos!

Nene found this hat for Sophie to wear to the races.  We put a bow on it and she was good to go.

Me with the birthday boy!

Me with the MOST IMPORTANT BOY!  I LOVE!!!!!

After the races, we needed to go pick up something for the next birthday boy.  We have 4 family birthdays in September.  The 9th is IRC's, the 10th is DERDER, the 17th is MOM's, and the 18th is EAST's.  Anyway, I ran into Old Navy and found this shirt on the clearance rack.  I looked at the tag that said 97 cents and I just laughed.  Surely this couldn't be right.  So I looked for more shirts like this one to make sure and they all said it.  What's wrong with this shirt, I wondered.  Then I looked at the sale sign and it said, 30% more off sale price.  68 CENTS is what I paid for this shirt.  Will post a pic when it gets cool enough to wear.  Too Funny, I think that is the cheapest shirt I own.

A PreK mom shared her cookie recipe with me.  Now that is BIG.  She sales them for a living.  So I won't share it.  But I was so excited that I was able to duplicate!  These are my first attempt.  I made them for the first LSU game of the season and shared them with Scott's family.

Then IRC had one and beg for those for her birthday!  So this is what she had.

Miss B got to spend the night and here they are being precious as usual, hanging upside down in Scott's chair!

Found a recipe on Pinterest called Kiss Pies.  I didn't have hershey kisses but I had some dove chocolate that worked just as well.  All you do is cut circles from pie shells and put the chocolate in the middle, wrap it up and bake.  Then squirt some canned whip on and oh my that is yummy!!!

This is the picture I took and sent to my hair dresser to let her know that my days had become ponytail days and that I needed her desperately to make me an appointment.  Pretty Silly Face!  My Sunglasses look HUGE!!!  I look like a sour bug!