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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two Little Fish and a New Fascination!

Lily gets her trophy for a job well done during this swim season.

Then she gets an award that we weren't expecting.  She broke the pool record for her 25 yd. backstroke. She didn't get a trophy because a friend of her beat her record the very next race.  Funny huh?

Lily and her sweet coaches, Mrs. Kasey and Mrs. Emily with Evie too!

 After swim team was done, Sophie got to start her swim lessons with Mr. Nick.  She really enjoyed that 2 weeks of focusing on her swimming.
Here is one of my own creations.  Not sure what I am going to do with it.

I picked up some clay at Walmart to let the girls make their own bracelets and I have created a bangle making monster in Lily.  The girl will work with some clay.

Sophie enjoyed working on it too.  But it took a little longer than she wanted to sit with it.

Great for fine motor development!!!

Took our own bangles to help us measure.

The finished products!  Cute huh?
Went to Hobby Lobby to get a Poly glaze hoping to help preserve them better and longer.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Boy can Brenon make a piece of watermelon look YUMMY!!!

We went to Aunt Holli' for the 4th of July!  They had a blast with poppy in the pool!!!

Ireland and Jack

Then Uncle Joshy got in!!!

Not the 4th without a Watermelon smile!!!

Fun family day even if we didn't get to do the fireworks because of the storm that rolled in.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Celebrity Scuba Diver

Twisting on TV, yes I took a pic of her dancing on tv so she could remember it.

Here is a little close up she got.

Everyone else is still turned around, I think she was on fast forward.

Always smiling though!!!

And the final pose of Almost There!!! Yayay! 

Mrs. Tina invited us to swim a couple days after we got settled back in.  The big girls decided to teach Eastland and Lily how to Scuba dive.  They LOVED it.

How cute is that?  Cool experience and we didn't even have to leave town to do it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

31, boredom busters, summer hair, and city meet

I hosted a 31 party back in June and this is all the stuff I got for being a hostess.  I love all my new stuff and have immediately put it all to work.  Can you believe that I want more, I am afraid I may need an intervention!!!

This is what my girls do when they are bored, give each other spa treatments and build things with boxes (31 boxes).

This is a fort that later turned into individual planes!

I saw this in another momma blog, the name escapes me, I have got to get better at remembering where I see things, but since my hair has grown out, I have had fun playing with the different ways I can put it up.

Here we are at City Meet again.  It's the end of the swim season and here  is my mom supporting as usual.

Chopping water like nobody's business!  

Go girl Go!!!

Asking for her time!

Sophie being a very sweet supportive sister!!!

Junior ray Addie is a regular little fish too!!!

Look at that effortless backstroke, which she took 5th in with about 100 swimmers!!! Way to go FLIPPER!!!

And here she goes in her new event of the season, butterfly which she placed 9th in out of about 40 swimmers.

I sure do love watching this girl swim!!!!  Hoping that Glenbrook has a team this fall so she can keep it up!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last Pageant Post

Chandler made the girls these sweet little tshirts!  Arent they so cute!!!

Looks like Lily has Olivia in a headlock!

Boy they had a good time on that stage!!!

Pretty Girls!!!

First one in line for ice cream, surprise, surprise!

Silly girls.  Kylie's mom, Andrea, took these.  So glad she shared them.

We had the best week!  So much fun!!!