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Saturday, October 29, 2011

School and Invite Pics, Special Treats and a Little bit of EVERYTHING

It was picture day at school a couple of days ago.  Here we are in hot rollers.

Here is the pic I used for Lily's Birthday invite, with her pups.

It was pumpkin cheesecake day 2 Fridays ago, look what I found!

Lily and Gray instagram at a birthday party!

Mrs. Pam made a bow for us!  So cute.

Lily had a school project due so sister wanted to do one too.

Here is part of Lily's conservation poster.

She got to got to a party where there was a professional face painter!  Go LSU!

Daddy T and Scott took Sophie on a date to the Disney Princesses Live!  Sophie was SOOOOO excited!

Lily and I got to have a girls night!

We found that the bossier Ulta is OPENED!!!

Daddy T spoiled her rotten, cotton candy, crown, and spinner thing!!!

Lily and I went around finding things for her birthday!

Here's the party pics with her friends.


Fun Stuff!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh Happy Day!!!

Because I had a day off of school when the girls didn't, I got to go to their school and spend some time with them.  Oh what a joy for a teacher mom that never gets to spend those days with her kids at school.

I brought a little art activity for Sophie's class to do before lunch!

These girls were too cute wanting to get in on the photo action.

One of the things I love about private school is that my kids are still encourage to pray!!!

They eat at 10:30 in the morning and they wanted me to bring them McDonald's for lunch.  So they had to have brunch.  Sophie had a hashbrown, fruit tray and a smoothie.

Lily had her BEC biscuit, hashbrown and caffeine free coke.

A few of her sweet friends.

One of them had a birthday, so they got treated with Buttercups cupcakes for dessert.  YUM!
Boiled down to a WONDERFUL day of getting to be that involved mommy that I long to be.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Brenan's Birthday!

Lily had a ball jumping with Gray on Sunday!

There's the birthday boy riding his car.  Lily is blocking his view!

I was the face painter for the party!

Sophie and Reagan are big buds!

Sophie thought she needed a painting on both sides!

The big girls help open presents!

They almost forgot the pinata.

Myla takes a swing!

Then Lily and Sophie take a whack at it!

Fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Nene, Louisiannes, and Switchfoot

One more pic of farm day.  Nene was trying to get Sophie to take a little nap.

I got to ride on a float for the Louisianne's 50th year reunion.  Here's me and Dolly.

There they are in their prime.

They had to make two floats, there were so many of us.

Addie is sitting in Lily's lap.

Sophie waves as Mommy rides by.

Here we are at the reception.  Me, Jamie, and Dolly.

Scott took me to Switchfoot in Longview that night.

Annberlin played first and they had AWESOME drums.

Switchfoot's lead came into the audience.  Pretty cool!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Papa Simpson's with Nene and Glenbrook, Straw Monsters, and Art for Dr. Phillips!

The Monday following Olivia's Party was Glenbrook's field trip to the farm.

Since I had just taken a day for Lily's swim Meet, Nene took a day for Sophie's field trip.

Sophie swore she would NEVER milk a cow.  She got brave with Nene.

She even held Nene's hand some.  Boy did that warm her heart!

The best swinger ever!

A cute little class pic was snagged.

I found this idea on Pinterest.  So cute, I experimented with my girls first, then did this project with my art class.  They loved it.

This is gonna be their trick or treat buckets this year.

I found these owls on Pinterest too.  Then I looked up a scripture to go with Dr. Phillips and VOILA!  A painting was born.  

Here it is so far.  We've got to finish decoupaging the faces on.  Will post a pic of finished product later.