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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A birthday, An Ear Piercing, and Ice Skating!

Here's Becca holding the boy barbies we got her for her birthday!

She had an art party and they made their own giant suckers!  Boy, did Sophie love that.

Daddy made her Nutella toast for breakfast that morning before the party!

I took Lily to get her ears pierced the Saturday after her birthday!  She was sooooo excited that daddy finally caved and let her do this.

Only hurt for a second.....

And then, we were all SMILES!!!

Little view of her first pair of cz's.

She even got a little complimentary makeover of blush and lip gloss!
Merle Norman is so good to us!!!

That night we squoze in a little plastic skating downtown!

This "ice" was def. not slippery.

They did get to play with hockey sticks.  They've never done that before.

The fireworks lasted for 30 minutes I think.  Pretty good show!!!
Great Start to the Holiday Season!!!

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