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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mint, Sleep, and Angels

Yesterday my girls asked me if they could go pick some of those leaves that smell good and use them in something.  They were speaking of mint.  We have a neighbor that grows herbs and her mint grows through our fence.  Well we have taken full advantage of this wonderful smelling herb.  It has tummy settling agents and is known as a cancer fighting food.  So they made their own Mint water last night and drank every last bit of it.  I prefer it in my tea!

They were hard to get up this morning.  But look at how sweet they are.
We gotta start going to bed earlier.

And this is our ANGEL.  Mrs. Jennifer is a teacher friend of mine, taking a leave of absence this school year.  She has been the BEST for the last several days.  I had to start back to school before Sophie could come to school with me and Mrs. Jenn has welcomed Sophie with open arms and a smile on her face every morning.  To not have to pull Sophie out of the car kicking and screaming has made my days of leaving her so much easier.  If only Mrs. Jennifer knew how much she means to us.  Sophie has had the best time playing with her sweet friend Rebecca.  She will miss her very much when she has to go to school.  Thank you Mrs. Jennifer!


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  2. i love that they wanted to pick some mint! my son loves to do that, too. so fun.