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Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's Official....

I have a true craft-a-holic.  My Lily has learned to make the corsage pin that I have in an earlier post.  Now I have a tutorial that I will enjoy sharing.  First, you cut a strip of fabric about a yard long and 3" wide.  Then gather with thread to shape a circle.

Fold the unfinished edges together and sew to secure circle.

Cut the frayed edges.

Cut four strips of patterned fabric and gather in the middle, then attach gathered ribbon.

Now we are ready to sew a button in the middle and a pin on the back. 

Here is the finished product that Lily decided she wanted to give to Nene.  She was so proud of her self, she couldn't stop so next she made herself a hair flower.  How cute is that!

We are some flower making people in this house.


  1. And what a good job she did! I wore it to church this morning and was so proud of it!

  2. I love my flower! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. Elyse really wants to make her own flower, so I better get on the ball and buy my supplies!