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Monday, August 16, 2010

Because I know you.....

I have been changed for GOOD!  She makes me smile everyday with her sense of humor and her bright eyes.   My sweet Lily went to her first day of 2nd Grade today.  It didn't start off very smoothly, because she locked herself out of the house first off.  Good thing I hadn't gotten far enough down the road before I heard her crying after me.  But I think that most of the rest of her day went well until the end, when she got over heated and sick to her stomach.  I will be sending a giant bottle of water with her tomorrow.  I am sure tomorrow will be better.  But look at how smart she looks in her Back to School Duds!

1 comment:

  1. You tell Miss Lily she is the most fashionable 2nd grader I know!!! :)

    {Love that she still wears bows with those fun Chucks tennis!}

    And because I know it will make your mama heart proud, like it would mine...Lily was SO VERY SWEET to all the little girlies at the Art Class. I love how she was excited for them and made sweet comments to them about their color choices. She was really polite too when I helped her open a couple of paint cans. You and Scott are doing a great job raising a sweet, smart, beautiful Southern Belle!