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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Last Day of Summer for Mommy :(

As my going back to school gift, my sweet seven year old offered to clean our bathrooms for me.  I made the comment that I could not go back to school with the house a mess, so I declared Wednesday, Cleaning Day at our house.  Then, POOF!, I had a cleaning fairy in my bathtub scrubbing away.  I was so excited to have a partner in crime for the day.  Needless to say, she was my cheapest housekeeper ever.  The cost for the Fabulous Bathroom Fairy was one bubblegum sno-cone and a Big Grab bag of Chee-tos.  
And then you have the 4 year old in the toy room supposedly cleaning the Barbies, hmmmmm.
After we were done cleaning, it was time to make Cranberry Oatmeal Shortbread for the ladies at school.  We are having a Welcome Back to School breakfast. That is one good way to warm everybody up...with food.

After dinner tonight, we had left over Sister Shubert Rolls that you get in the little throw away pan and my sweet hubby had the fabulous idea of making them into dessert.  Homemade cinnamon rolls!  YUM!
I made a sugar glaze to pour over at about mid-bake and oh my heavens!

Then I am off to my personal stylist, Amber Mandino.  She helps me accessorize for special occasions.  So here are some picks that she let me take to try.  If you're interested in Stella and Dot jewelry you can order from her at  Tell me what you think about the picks.

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