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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well after a LOOOONNNGGGG day in the city today, I did manage to get supper on the table.  Pretty good too!  The girls and my Garfield of a hubby love some Lasagna!
We did manage to find a few goodies today.  I finally found shoes for the wedding I am book sitting at Saturday.  Not sure if they are right though, I should post a pic and let ALL of my blog friends vote :)
I am so excited, because I bought the canvas' for my first month of art classes and they are so pretty sitting in our office right now.  About to unwrap about 10 and get started on the first few steps for my little 4-6 year old girls class.  I haven't quite finished gathering all the supplies, but getting very close.  So excited!!!
I also found these cute little containers for next to nothing at Michael's.  Figured I will find something spectacular to do with them for our new teachers.  All this newness is giving me a refreshed sense of extra energy!  Yay, Fall Festivities, Here we come!!!!

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  1. That lasagna looks super yummy! Preston, Thomas & Julie's little boy, just had an Art Party for his birthday and Grace is even MORE excited now to take your class!! See you soon!