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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dance, Ribbon Belts and Pizza

Yesterday was Sophie's first day of her 2nd year of Dance with Mrs. Marie.  When she walked in all of her little friends ran over to give her a hug and welcome her in.  So sweet!  One of Sophie's greatest loves is dance.  So glad God provides both of us with jobs that can pay for our sweet girls' talents.  He get all of the GLORY!
In one of my earlier post, I made the comment that we were doing all these projects.  Well Lily's ribbon belt for school was one of them.  How fun is that leopard print.  All I did to make that was measure the band on her shorts.  make the belt long enough to overlap and fasten fabric velcro to each side.  The top piece got a bow sewn on for the finishing touch and now we don't have to worry about buckles.

The other night we were watching Next Food Network Star and one of the contestant was making an indian pizza.  Well this one is not indian but is made with Tandoori Naan Bread and is it DELICIOUS!  I threw it directly on my oven rack and toasted it on both side first.  The night before I roasted some chicken breast in italian dressing.  So when the bread was toasted, I spread just a little BBQ sauce on for the first layer, then the shredded chicken, and sprinkle a lot of Mozzerella.  I will have to say this was not the most healthy meal, but EVERYONE ate it and loved it and that is a true accomplishment in my house of picky eaters!  Good Day!  Good Day!!!

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  1. How cute is Sophie in her zebra striped dancewear???!!!!!! Did you add all the zebra prettiness or did it come that way? LOVE IT! I love how Lily is so proud to wear the belt you made her - so sweet! And that pizza is making me H-U-N-G-R-Y!! Hurry up lunchtime!! :)