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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sand Art, Floaties, and Rain

Check out that special Rapunzel Life Jacket!!!  Nanny and Poppy picked that one up special for "Peepers".

When we got to our house, the previous occupants left all of their boats, floaties, rafts, sand toys, everything!  Big Bonus for us!!!

Scott and Eastland built while Sophie directed!

Then Sophie decided to go get her "regular clothes" on and come back down to the beach and sing to the ocean.

It's like the sun peaked out for a listen. :)

Then she did some sand art on her own.  Isn't that the cutest little sand girl you've ever seen?

Then it started to rain, so Scott and I got to see the final Harry Potter, while Nanny and Poppy took the girls for the 1st time EVER to see a movie: Cars 2.

Had to get a pic of that, Poppy all ready for the movie with the girls.  Then when we get out, we find out Poppy fell asleep during the movie! Hilarious!!!

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