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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Day at Pleasure Island Parasailing!

She might have gotten a little salt that time!!!

Silly cousins!

One of those treasured pics with Nanny!

Poppy is always ready for a pic!

This is the banana "split" boat.  That's what Sophie called it.  She was so worried about riding that thing, oh she protested, then at the end of the trip, I asked, What was your favorite part?  What does she say.... THE BANANA SPLIT Boat.  That is what we have to ride out to the actual parasail boat.

Two pics of Nanny in a row, our lucky day!!

First ones up were, Ireland and Josh.

Jet Ski anyone?

Sophie borrowed Joshy's hat for a bit.

Just cute!

All smiles, singing silly made up songs to each other!

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  1. LOVe the "banana boat" he he he...that Sophie makes me smile time and time again!! What a fun time! And that last pic of Sophie, sun-kissed and all is GORGEOUS!! Def. frame worthy!!