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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Little Zoo that Could!

A New Feature: The Baby White Tigers!!!  They were ADORABLE!!!  Older children and adult can pay to play with them.  Another new feature to the zoo is Camel rides.  We did neither of those, but we did go hold the lemurs and kangeroos!

East was the first to get his hands on one.

This one liked my bracelet.  In the mean time, one had to potty so I got a wipe to clean my foot, YUCK, and this one wanted to chew on the lemon scented wipe, too funny.

Lily doesn't look like she is enjoying this but she really did, not sure why she was making the face.  It was probably a look of fear.  Fear of getting pooped on!

This one just decided to stay with me for a while.

Then they got to feed with a bottle.

Sophie was in love.  She loves an animal that will let her cradle it.

Then off to the farm animal area!

They fell in love with the teeny bunnies even though they have them at home!

Then there is the Kangeroos.  They were MUCH bigger this time!

But they still got to hold them and that was fun!!

So excited that they will have a new facility when we go back next year!  They deserve it!  Look up the Gulf Shores Little zoo that could.  It has a website that tells their amazing story.  The new zoo is going to be the FIRST Green zoo built from the ground up.  Def. something to see!!!

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