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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Public Pier and fun in the Sun

One morning, the boys minus Scott and Josh went fishing at the public pier.  So Scott and I took the girls to breakfast at the Island Pancake House, which is one of the best breakfasts on the beach and then went to see what they caught.

Unfortunately, we just missed them but East caught a King Mackeral, super cool!

But we figured while we were there we would go ahead and check it out.  The water was so clear you could see school's of fish all over!!!

Look at that sweet little pic of daddy and daughter!

All the girls!

Went to buy rashguards to protect against sun.  Sophie wore her Disney hat Derder brought her from Disney.

Here they come!

Snorkel gear ready!

Then we switched to the Lulu's visor.

It's hard to walk in flippers!

Chillin in the water.

Look how CLEAR the water is.  I don't think we've ever scene it this clear!

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