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Friday, August 5, 2011

Rainy Day Beach Activities!

Shopping at the local Outlets, Of Course, DARLING!!!

Go Get Feathers put in your hair!
Nene and Daddy T gave some spending money and so since mommy said she would never spend her own money on feather, then Nene and Daddy T got to fund that project!

And now were on trend!

Play on the beach anyway!

These girls had the best time letting the rain waves beat them in the boat!

We had a cabana set up so the other two took cover and made themselves into a mermaid and shark!

Then daddy took a turn in the boat.

Poppy took cover but still enjoyed the scenery!

I think this is the only beach pic there is of me except for the dress up ones.  So here is the proof that I did get into a swimsuit.  I thought it was pretty cute too, got it for  Lands End so it fit well and was comfy.

Joshy steals a bear hug!!!

Here is my view of Lily while it was pouring.

Mrs. Deb Watches the girls play.

East caught a fish while it was raining.  So see even if it's raining, the beach is still fun!!!

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