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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Days of School!!!

Look at that big Kindergartener sitting at her table!

Mrs. Ratcliffe is fabulous!!!  We are so excited to be in her class!

This was registration day.  No uniforms were required.

Lily has Mrs. Mathis for her homeroom.

My big 3rd Grader!

Got to take a pic of our new shoes.  Had to have Sperry's this year, which I can squeeze my foot into.  Yay, you know what that means, sharing in the near future!


With shiney hot pink mary janes, how can the day go wrong!!!  Love me some Target shoes!!!

Will never have a picture like this again, where they begged to have matching backpacks!!!

My hubby is so good to take those pics that he knows I cherish.

Walking in, they are greeted by Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Wilkie.

Lily fixes Sophie's barettes before she goes to class.

At Mrs. Ratcliffe's door.

Love the instagram app.  So cool!!!
So glad to have my girlies at GLENBROOK!!!  They LOVE it!!!

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