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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I wore on this Wintery Wednesday.

In my attempt to cull the pieces in my closet that are detrimental to my well being, I am asking about the top today.  I hold it dear to my heart because I got it this summer in the 5th AVE H&M in NYC.  However, I am afraid that it is too much like a nightie or maternity top.  I will admit it was an impulse buy as I was buying a friend a birthday gift and just grabbed the top on the way to the register.  Not a good idea, I know.  So, KEEP OR NO?
The rest of the outfit are keepers:
scarf: Nicaragua (Mom brought back from Mission Trip)
Skinny cargos: Target
Boots: Canton Market

Have to show off my SNOW ANGELS!

Attempting to get the ball out of the frozen basketball net.

Making the icicles dance!

Daddy and Mommy love to play in it too.
Just the quiet sound of snow falling is so peaceful!
I love it!


  1. Thank You for commenting on my blog! You are too sweet!

    I love the idea of getting your blog in scrapbook form! That is a very neat idea!

    As for your post, I think the shirt looks wonderful with this outfit and I think that you should keep it. :)

    And your snow bunnies are beautiful!


  2. I think the top is cute! I have a couple tops cut similarly to this and always feel like someone is going to ask me when I'm due-maybe it's just all in our minds since I get compliments when i do wear them ;)

  3. I love the outfit! I hear what you are saying about the "maternity" look though. I think the right accesories make an outfit though and the scarf looks great with it. Your girls are darling!!