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Monday, January 3, 2011

Look on us with favor, Lord. Psalm 4:6

Scott and I were talking about our Grandmothers (both passed about in the last year) and how they fixed us coffee milk for breakfast when we would spend the night.  And you know, we tried to duplicate it and just couldn't get it just right like our sweet grandmothers'.  Lily tried it and liked it ok.  Not her Starbucks, she says.  Boy how times have changed.

She decided to be a baker on New Years at my mom's house.  We had some Christmas Santa cookies left that we needed to bake.  So that was dessert after our peas and cabbage.

Poppy bought all the boys Saints Jerseys for Christmas and they came in on New Years.  Lily Grace asked for her on her birthday so her and her daddy finally got to match.  The picture below is Poppy and Sophie with her in her new Christmas dress and boots.

For the coming year, I hope to pursue my relationship with God more.  I hope to do my devotional everyday!  No skipping!  That shouldn't be a hard thing as long as my priorities are straight.  Family is my second priority behind God.  On New Year's Day, we enjoyed each other at our home and in the homes of our parents.  I complain all the time about having to go to two places on holidays.  But I would be sad and miss it if we didn't have to.  So I will be more thankful that both sides of the family want our company.

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