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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Should I get rid of What I wore this Wednesday?

So I keep seeing all of these resolutions and challenges to use 30 items of clothing in 30 days.  I thought, "That sounds like a solid plan to try to mix and match 30 pieces in thirty days. "  I went to my closet and this is rediculous, I have TWICE that.  TOO MUCH!  I have fun mixing and matching but I think it is time to pair down.  So my challenge is to weed out.  This what I wore today.  I need some imput.  The pants I have on here are Tommy Hilfigures, if that tells you anything about how old they are.  I think I have had them about 7 years.  I do love them, but sometimes if you love something you should let it go!  Below is a picture of the pattern.  Yes, they are corduroy.  Yes, they make a swishing sound when I walk.  So the question is to wear or not to wear and also, while we're at it, should I ditch the jean jacket?
Tell me what you think!


  1. I couldn't do those pants. It looks like the denim jacket is a plain dark was jacket. If so, keep it.

  2. Love the jacket! Don't know about the pants...depends on your personal style!