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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Like Woah!

Ok, so if I can give anybody some good advice, it would be don't change the color you've been using and never dye your own hair before you have had your morning coffee.  So this is what I looked like when I got done with it.

A look of uncertainty.

I have been away on a conference trip with my teacher sisters since Monday afternoon.  All I asked was that they let me shop at my favorite store and they could do whatever else they wanted.  And they did.  I love those girlies.  The picture above is of Tina and me pointing at the directory that would tell us where my beloved store is in the shopping center.  Casey took the pic.  She was so excited for me to get to shop at my fave place that her hands just could stay steady.  HAHA!  Really, I had the camera on the wrong setting so the flash kept not working.  

Here we are at KONA GRILL.  Boy did we order some GOOD Food!!!!  Our apps were the best: avocado eggrolls (craving them as I type), sweet and spicy shrimp, and potstickers. I ordered sushi to get my fix.  Then we had Yummo desserts too!  Def. want to go back there.

Here we are telling snow stories with Diana Des La Casas in one of our workshops.  Fun and Cute!

Now this Lady here, taught me a valuable lesson.  I took one look at her on the first day and thought, "What a Nut!  She will probably annoy the heck out of me."  Don't judge a book by it's cover girls!
This Lady told some of the most inspirational stories, I cried when she told the Lion story.  She was sooooo inspirational.  Breast Cancer survivor, quilter, and author.  So delighted to meet her and see what she was really all about.  I came away from this conference with a desire to learn sign language and quilt.  And I really would love to become an author.  That one is just a dream though.

Debbie Clement is her name.  Friend her on FB, she would love that.

And here is what I wore Wednesday.  I have nothing that I want to get rid of in this pic.  I am not doing so good at weeding.  This is my last day of the conference outfit.  I am wearing my new sweater I bought at my favorite store.  Tees from target and down east basics.  Pants are target and boots are Belk.
Glad to BE HOME!!!!!

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  1. Your hair looks great. I really like the tunic/dress in the first pic. the pattern looks really mod and I love the colors!