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Friday, January 21, 2011

Regis Don't Go!

So I was watching my DVR'd Regis and Kelly's for the Week and got some very sad news that the world had already heard.  Regis is leaving LIVE.  I am so sad.  When Scott and I went to NYC for our second time this summer, we woke up early to get in the stand by line to see Regis and Kelly.  While waiting in the line, we hear Kelly won't be there.  So I was a little disappointed, but now I am so glad it wasn't Regis that would be absent.  I would have missed out on seeing this Legendary NEW YORK icon.  Here he is standing in his dapper powder blue suit on the street corner, waiting for his people to walk him across the street to the studio.  So cool!

After waiting a LONG time, I won't say how long ( it's a little embarrassing), we finally made it in.  You always hear how small these studios are but man are they small.  Still very cool to see the whole picture.  Love all of the lighting it takes.  One of my favorites was the Camera Man that is squatting at the camera in the bottom picture.  He teased me the whole time.  I think he knew just how much of a hill billy I am and got a big kick out of it.  

We found out while waiting in security, that Lucy Lui would be the Cohost for the day.  Gorgeous and flawless in person.  Loved her Cobalt Dress!

Then the first guest appeared, Salma Hayek.  Awesome dress!

Between takes Reg would walk around and talk to people.

A Cue Card I wanted to steal for a souvenir. 

                            We found out that we would be privileged to watch a taping of a pre-recorded show because the next SURPRISE guest couldn't be there the next day so they had to go ahead and film that segment.  Joy got to come in and co-host that segment.  So that was neat because now I know she probably won't be back there either.  She was very pretty in person too.  AND then the announcement.....they kept it such a secret....and I thought surely not......the camera guy looked at me and I said, "It's Tom isn't it?..... he said, "I can't tell.", with a big grin on his face.  Go ahead scroll down......
 And I LOST it, can you tell?  I couldn't even focus my AUTOfocus camera.  I have to be honest.  I don't even really like the guy, but it's one of the BIGGEST movie stars of my lifetime, so of course, I was excited to say the least.   WOW!  And I also have to say the he really isn't as small as everyone says he is, REALLY.  He's an average sized guy, just likes the tall girls.
Yep, that is his BOOT in the upper left hand corner of the bottom picture.  I was cheering and trying to look and take a picture.  I could NEVER be paparazzi.

He was VERY friendly and I think sincerely kind.  He posed for pictures with a few people in the audience.  

It was a FUN morning.  I was so glad we got in and even more excited about who we saw.  It WILL not be the same without Regis.  It is really going to depend on who they get to replace him as to whether I continue to DVR.  I do love Kelly though.

This post was to honor Reg and to keep my memory fresh by printing it in my blog book.

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