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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cannolli for Breakfast!

My birthday isn't until tomorrow, but my in-laws met up with us to have pizza last night for my birthday.  My sweet hubby asked my bro-in-law (who works in Shreveport) to pick up some cannolli for me.  Oh, so good!  So yes I had one for breakfast.  They are at Pietro's on the Boardwalk!

This book is one that I picked up at the conference I went to this week.  I met the author and what an inspiration!  She has beat breast cancer twice and has the BEST attitude.  Her books come with a cd in the back because her books are set to music.  She teaches the sign language to go with the words.  So cool!  I have been signing to my students all week.  Her name is Debbie Clement and you can go to her website called to see all of her books.   

 Here is my "Tall Giraffe" walking the balance beam and creating tape art outside.  It could be an i or and h, depending on how you turn it she said.

Opinions anyone?  I have decorated these shoes to donate to the St. Jude auction this week.  Wonder if anyone will be interested in them.  

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    That cannoli looks delish! Love Sophie's giraffe dress and the tennis have a hip vibe to them :)