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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowy Sunday

 So we get up and get ready for church, about to walk out the door and we get a text.  Church has been cancelled for deteriorating conditions in the weather.  So here we are dressed and ready.  No, Daisy was not going to go to church with us.
Sophie refused to change out of her Sunday best.  When we came back in I asked the girls if they wanted me to read them a bible story since we were missing Sunday School.  They said no.  Sophie picked out the Hungry Caterpillar instead.  Guess what?  That can be a Sunday School Story and she didn't even know it.  So after we read our story, I cut out butterflies from the cricut and let them decorate with brads.  

Here is the beginning of dropping temps.  The wether guy predicted that snow would begin by noon.  Nope.

For Christmas, My mom got all of us girls a new pair of rainboots.  Boy, they sure have come in handy.

This little snack has a story behind it.  It's a saltine, nutella, and a giant marshmallow roasted in the oven.  My mom used to make these treats for my brother and I when it was cold outside.  Except she used pb instead of nutella.  Funny thing is, I posted on facebook how I didn't have marshmallows and a couple of hours later, I had a walmart bag full of them.  I still have know idea who dropped them by.  That is the great thing about living in our little town.  We have some of the nicest people in the world living here.  


  1. LOVE your shirt dress!!! Wait, is it a coat? Okay, anyway I LOVE it!

    How stinkin' sweet is that about the marshmallows!!! I just love random acts of kindness.

    And we didn't get any snow either =( just lots of ice.

  2. I love your blog! I have a blog as well, however I am horrible about posting and updating it! May be one of my goals for this year! The marshmallow treats look delicious and your girls are just precious! Many blessings to you, Brandi Johnson