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Monday, November 21, 2011

Singing, A Chocolate Fountain, and Faithful Friends!

Yes, Lily sang to herself!

Found a Very Yummy NYC Brownie recipe on pinterest!  That was her "cake" this year since she doesn't like cake!

Carla has been at every party my girls have ever had.  Such a sweet best friend!!!

EK hates dogs but she has learned to love Daisy.  Who doesn't love Daisy!!!

Then Nene started up her chocolate fountain.

Oh, the belly aches!

There was not a chocolate free puppy face in the crowd!  Riley was a pre-k friend and has been ever since!

It was a hit!!!

Look at the chocolate dripping!  Evie was one of Lily's first friends!  She was even at her first birthday party!

The birthday girl and her sissy get in on the sweets!


There she is, My Best Friend in the Whole World.  Been friends for 28 years!!!
I hope my girls are lucky enough to experience a true friendship like ours!

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