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Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Festivities at school and with church family!!

Glenbrook has a Fall Fest every year that the girls got to participate in.  They had the best time going form room to room playing games.

Sophie is trying to win a goldfish with this game.

This is the Hop and Pop game had never seen this one before.  Had to hop with a balloon between your need around a loopy course then pop it.  They won free frosties at this one.

They they just had to get their hair spray painted.

Pink and Green!!!

Miss Evie walked around with Lily most of the time.

While sister finished spending her tickets, Sophie hung out on the playground.

We went to the Williams House for our Sunday School Pumpkin Carving Party.

Ace Hardware was the only place left with decent pumpkins.

They were huge!!!  Lily was of course grossed out by the inside.

Somehow Sophie convinced daddy to scoop hers for her.

Then Lily decided she could carve her own.  Not a great idea.  Mommy finished it.
Fun time with church family, more pics to come!!!

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