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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Let the Party Begin

We started by feeding the little puppies first.  I think we have begun a tradition.  This is year two that Lily has chosen Ol West for her birthday party supper.

Then I painted faces and put dog ears on everyone.

Here's Hannah getting hers.

Here are all the little Pound Puppies.

The next party activity was a Hydrant Hunt.  All the puppies went out to find as many hydrants as they could.  This is Scott's group: Lily, EK, Evelyn, and Riley.

This is my group: Camille, Bailey, Embeth, and Hannah!
They were hilarious: loud and giggley!  Love it!!!

You can't see it, but there is a hydrant somewhere in there.

They are so funny with their poses.

They chose a central point in the middle of the town to strike this pose!  Too funny!

This is Nene's group: Hannah, Kathryn, Evie, Evie, and Sophie!
More to come!  Of course, I took a ton of pics.

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