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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Going backwards a little...

Wanted to make sure I got this one in that Scott took at his dad's house.  Mr. Mike doing what he loves to do.

Me giving a hug to an injured Lily.

Hugs for Papaw on East's bday!

Lily got her own library card!  She uses it all the time, thanks to her daddy!

Here is the story Lily wrote, right before she got saved!!!

These are Switchfoot pics Scott took.

Nice theatre.

Josh got her Judy Moody.

A hug for Josh!

A card from papaw!

Here comes the cake!

Licking the icing off of the cake picks.

Will the birthday pics ever end?  Eventually....

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  1. I love the story Lily wrote!! She sure has a heart of gold. You & Scott are doing such a great job raising both girls, Laura! Two fellas are going to be very, very lucky one day...of course, a LONG, LONG time from now :)