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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Here it is, the last of the birthday pics!!!

Nanny and Poppy got Lily a Barbie house for her birthday, so Scott built it while she was sleeping.  She was so excited to wake up to it in the morning.

Nana gave her a bag of one hundred one dollar bills!

She had to play in it for a bit and then we put it away.  She ended up buying a new American Girl Doll with it, Marie-Grace from New Orleans.

The guys played the Konnect with Lily and Sophie after her birthday supper of chicken nuggets!

Nene and Daddy T's  doggie of 14 years, Bogey went to doggie heaven, so Daisy was consoling him.

Then he played with Lily!

He sure does have some silly moves!!!

Then Lily opened her gift from Derder.  He braved Justice just to get an outfit she really wanted!!!

Here she is with one of her favorite uncles.

Then she begs, Don't Go when it's time to go.

And they take one more picture with Lily's Rebecca Doll.

Here she is in her new top Derder got her.  She wears it immediately after I wash it every time.  So she is one year older.  Makes me a little sad, it's all going way to fast!!!

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  1. Oh my, she looks so grown up in her Justice top!! Where has the time gone??! I still remember that tiny little strawberry blonde/red headed baby!! :)