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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Surfer Spirit Day and Ice Skating with Nene and Daddy T!

The second Spirit Day was Hawaiian themed.  How appropriate for Sophie to bring Kanahni for her show and tell.

We skated at the Parks Mall this time around.  It was good ice and they have a NORDSTROM RACK.  Very cool!!!

Lily getting her bearings.  

Daddy T and Nene staying on floor!

You see Daddy T psyching himself up?

My mother......

Inched onto to ice.

then went from one door to the other.

Daddy T is just a laughing!

Sophie wanted to dress like an ice skater this time.

A little photo op while Nene is on the ice!

Daddy T went around a few times, def. a workout!

Lily got to take a free 30 minute lesson.  That was really neat!

She's never done that before!

This was FUN!!!

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