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Friday, September 23, 2011

A Few More of the Concert!

The girls rushed down to the railing to get a closer look of Taylor coming down the aisle near us.  They were so excited!!

The way they had the lighting, it was impossible to get a good pic of her even if she was close.  She looks like a disney princess in this pic, almost animated even.  She played her ukelele while she was under the tree.  I think the girl can play any instrument she picks up!!

Stage set was amazing!  Loved all the GIANT golden picture frames they used.

This is the fireworks portion that Sophie slept through!

I know you cant really see this, but there were people attached inside the 3 bells that are suspended in the air.  They were tethering up and down like Circe de Soliel performers.  VERY cool!!!

And she sleeps!

Then Taylor Swift got into a portable balcony and flew around the center.  Wow!

Another animated shot.

This show was def. one of the best I have been to.  She is right up there with U2 and Casting Crowns!

Loved her wardrobe.  She changed a billion times.  Great Concert!!!

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