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Monday, September 5, 2011

Rock Stars, Bag Tags, Dance, Swim, Like a Good Neighbor, and Ben and Jerry's!!!

Every Friday at Glenbrook is spirit day!  There is a theme the students can dress like:  The first week was Dress like a Rock Star!

They were decked out!!!

We made Becca B a clay bag tag with the polyclay we bought and her mommy sent a pick of it on her backpack ready for her first day of Kindergarden!     

Were ready for dance this year with a new leotard from Fanette's and our new bag from 31.

Lily gets to be on swimteam after the summer is over and she is OVER the TOP excited about that!  This is Miss Kayla, one of her coaches.  She has already taught her how to do a flip turn!

Like a Good Neighbor, Angie is There!  Mrs. Angie, one of my good friends, has helped us out a couple of times now by bringing the girls to school when I have duty and Scott has an early meeting.
So thankful for her!!!

Like a good neighbor, Nene is there too!!!  She picks the girls up for me everyday!

Now that I don't get out of school until 4, she has added one more thing she does for me to her list!

These few pics were taken after she was gone for 2 days and you would've thought she was gone for 2 weeks.

They were hanging on her like monkeys!!!

These first few weeks of school have really been a BOOGER!  I have come home crying pretty much everyday.  It's just been a LOT of changes and adjustments.  Since, I didn't change schools, I guess I thought things were going to run pretty smoothly, like usual, I was WRONG!
I have to say things are getting better day by day and I love my new principal.  She is a VERY hard worker and very supportive of her teachers!  That is wonderful.  I am thankful for her!!!

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