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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rainbows, Homecoming, and TAYLOR SWIFT!!!

This beautiful promise followed all the way home from Cotton Valley.  We went to Brad's granny's visitation and it finally rained a little.  Here is the beautiful rainbow that came afterward.

Friday night was Glenbrook's Homecoming.  Here is Lily with Caroline Tucker, one of her most favorite cheerleaders!  My how they grow so quickly.  Caroline was one of my first preschoolers.  Lily and Sophie are always reciting Caroline's Taco Bell cheer she made up!  Too Funny!!

Here they are, waiting to get in at the Taylor Swift concert.  Scott got us tickets for Mother's Day.  As we walk up at Century Tel, they were handing out lipstick.  Her Speak Now tour is being sponsored by Covergirl.  That was pretty cool.

This is Daniel Worsham.  He was the first act!  We had GREAT seats!!!

Getting her belly full with a hot dog before the show starts!

Come on Taylor!

My little sweetie has no idea how late she is gonna be out tonight!

Between acts we came out and took a pic in front of her sign.

The notorious heart sign!

Bought some t-shirts.

Then, Need to Breathe came on!  We had no idea they were performing.  I love this band.  Holli requested their cd for her bday!

Finally, it all begins!

Lily sang ever song and Sophie screamed so hard, I think she busted the eardrum of the girl in front of us.

Showing some love!  More pics to come.....

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