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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Own Personal Party Planner

My family is so good to me!  Scott took me to Wine Country for dinner, then Guesieppe for dessert.  I'm sure I didn't spell that right.  I had shrimp and grits and grilled flounder.  Then I had Nutella Raviolli for dessert.  YUMMO!  We sat in the little bar area for dessert and listened to the little 3 man band they had playing.  Neat atmosphere!

Sophie presented me with my gifts on Sunday morning.  Love my new bangles and ordered some red Toms.  This will be my 4th pair.  Yes, I love the idea of giving needy children shoes!

Sophie ran to get her bangles so we could match.

Then this little Miss planned my whole birthday lunch.  She made this wonderful Ghiradelli Brownie cake which was absolutely delicious!

This is the menu.  She had a math problem on Tuesday at school and thought man this menu looks like something my mom might like.  So who does she go to?  NENE!  

This is the lady that make THE BEST Chicken salad ever.  I had it at my high school graduation and my wedding!  Very important staple!

We also had onion rings and unsweet tea!  I hope she plans all of my birthdays to come.  She did a fabulous job!!!!
I love my family!!!!

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