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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Girlie Reunion!

Ever since we graduated, my friends and I have gotten together frequently to stay in tune with one another.  This weekend was a BIG deal though.  The "core four" as we call ourselves met a fifth that most of us haven't seen in 14 years.  Andrea is in the middle.  She left our high school in the 10th Grade.  We were so sad when she left.  You can tell that she is sunshine, when you are around her just looking at her smile.  Of course, as younger people we weren't as good about staying in touch.  But thanks to facebook, we reunited and started urning to meet up as a group somewhere.  Well, the plans got started but we were trying not to make her travel all the way to us.  So we agreed to meet this past weekend to Jackson Ms.  Man, what a sweet time with a friend we felt like we never missed a step with.
In the back of our minds, I think we all wondered if we would reconnect like old times and we did!  No awkwardness at all!

Andrea drove a total of about 10 hours to meet us.  Ashleigh drove about 6.  Whit 4, and Carla and I: 3.  

We waited in the hotel parking lot to meet her and as she got out of her dad's truck, it was just the best feeling in the world to see her shining face.

Nothing but smile ALL weekend.  Here we are in our suite's living area.  Apparently Andrea takes a lot of pics like I do.  She had her big camera with her too. 

We sat up til 3 in the morning just talking catchin up and looking through all the old pics that we brought.

Then it was up and at em to shop.

Whit is in my new favorite place to shop.  Charming Charlie is so cool!

Brenan was the only sweetie that got to come with us.  he is still nursing.  Look at that little sweetie just waiting on momma to get us some lunch.  He smiled all weekend too.
There are definitely more pics to come.  This will have to be several entries.  We have the best time though and we are already planning another trip!!!!

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